The aims of the Music curriculum are to enable students to:

1/ develop creativity and nurture aesthetic sensitivity;

2/ further develop their musical competence;

3/ construct knowledge and understanding of diverse music cultures;

4/ develop critical responses to music, and communicate effectively through music;

5/ build a foundation for pursuing further studies in music and preparing for careers in music and related areas; and

6/ cultivate a lifelong interest in music and develop positive values and attitudes towards music.



1/ 發展創造力及培養審美的能力;

2/ 進一步發展音樂技能;

3/ 建構不同音樂文化的知識;

4/ 發展評賞音樂的能力,並透過音樂有效地與人溝通;

5/ 奠定繼續進修音樂和從事與音樂相關工作的基礎;以及

6/ 培養對音樂的終身興趣,並發展對音樂的正面價值觀和態度